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Time To Grind

Low-Speed, High-Torque Waste Shredders

Today’s material processing industry has the tough task of being more fuel-efficient while helping operators maximize their operations by saving physical space.  Shredding materials is critical to reducing volume per ton for landfills, railcars, and trucks. Waste and processing facilities simply require universal shredders that take on just about anything. Komptech’s Terminator and Crambo models combine aggressive feed loads with heavy-duty reversing shafts and fuel efficiency to annihilate the toughest materials to deliver the optimum correct sizing. Besides these advantages, safety and service access are still the best in the industry.

 Terminator: Low-Speed, high-torque, Single-Shaft Shredder

The name says it all. Terminator. This low-speed, single-shaft shredder processes all types of different and complex materials to the size you need. Materials such as heavy-contaminated C&D debris, bulky waste, white goods, municipal solid waste, and even mattresses or tires are no match for this workhorse.

Operators love the  remote-controlled hopper with an 11-foot feed opening and a hydraulic drive that can reverse at any time for self-cleaning. Owners appreciate the low-fuel consumption and easy maintenance.

Crambo: Low-Speed, high-torque, Dual-Shaft Shredder

Got wood? The Crambo turns it into money. Designed specifically for wood processing, this low-speed dual-shaft delivers high-throughput grinding of the toughest or organic waste while blending and mixing a smooth output.

This beast is specifically designed to withstand heavy contamination but is low-maintenance, stingy on fuel consumption, and operating costs.