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Sized RIght

Star, Vibratory,
For “Right-Sized” Output

Situations vary drastically depending on whether you are composting, mulching, working soil, or have wood and biomass raw materials. However, two things are always critical. Output and sizing. With the Komptech line of multi-fraction star screen and trommel screen equipment, gain throughput and flexibility to efficiently separate almost any material to your required output sizes.

When you’re processing mulch, compost, wood waste, or biomass, Komptech’s line of Multistar star screeners are engineered to efficiently separate material into 2- or 3- fractions, while preventing high moisture content from wrapping, enabling you to increase throughput and lower production costs.

R. D. Olson’s vibratory screeners are American-made and a leader in the aggregate screening industry. Available in wheeled or tracked versions, the 512 and 616 screeners can be configured in two or three deck units. Options include either two or four hydraulic legs and a single shaft soil shredder.

Our line of heavy-duty trommel screens provides efficient screening solutions for soil/aggregate, mulch/biomass, waste, and compost processing. The rotating drum screen is built to handle the toughest materials, breaking up clods of dirt and rock, that would damage or clog other equipment.