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Sorting It All Out

Material Separation Machines For All Purposes & Operations

In waste processing, contaminated materials are just a way of life and unavoidable. To be efficient and profitable, owners must have the right waste material separation equipment to solve this ongoing problem. Komptech separation machines remove all types of unwanted elements such as plastic, rocks, and metals from the overs in the screening process.

Hurrikan S Windsifter Separator

In today’s world, plastic is everywhere and a waste processing organization’s nightmare. Totally mobile, the Hurrikan S is a high-throughput windsifter that removes light fractions plastics and rocks from the screened overs using a patented “pressure suction” process effectively removing 95% of the contaminates. The first step is passing through a targeted “air knife”, then lightweight material is drawn out by a powerful suction blower.

Stonefex Stone Separator

Using a patented system of pressure and suction blowers, the Komptech Stonefex generates exactly the right airflow within the separation chamber to remove up to 95% of stones and heavy objects from material at a throughput rate of up to 130 yd3/hr. The output that was previously included stones, concrete and rocks which made it difficult to process can now be easily processed into useable materials.


For industries requiring continuous operation, the Komptech Ballistor waste and recyclable separator combines ballistic separation and screening in one operation. Its high-performance design allows it to be configured to separate materials into three or four fractions and has several options.