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Turn, Turn, Turn

It’s Your Turn To Select The Right Komptech Topturn X Series Compost Windrow Turner For Your Operation

No matter what your composting situation is, Komptech has the machine for you. All Komptech’s X-series turners efficiently create the perfect windrow shape to allow the best porosity to reduce odor and composting times. The large diameter turning drum creates a perfect windrow shape so you can maximize space by overlapping windrows. Low fuel consumption, the ability to infuse water in the center while turning, and easy maintenance make owners and operators both smile. 

Topturn X4500

The Topturn X4500 is our entry-level compost turner, but it still has giant capacities due to its 3.9-foot diameter drum. As its name suggests, it can handle compost batches 14’9” wide and has a capacity of up to 3,900yd3 / h. Its optional powerful 205 kW motor is perfect for many compost operations.

Topturn X5000

The next step up is Komptech’s Topturn X5000. Delivering The X5000 is medium capacity windrow turner at 16’5” compost width. It pushes production even further with its available 250 kW engine and 3.9-foot diameter drum. The X5000 can process up to 5,200 y³ / h of compost. Consistent performance, low-fuel consumption, and optimal windrow sizing is ideal for any composting operation.

Topturn X6000

The Topturn X6000 is the latest in the Komptech line of modern technology compost windrow turners. With a sturdy, buckle-resistant frame design, the X6000 is built to perform in heavy-duty, commercial composting applications. Available in both wheel and track chassis, this turner features a powerful CAT® C9.3B Tier 4f/STAGE V engine and large 4’7″ diameter turning drum. The generously dimensioned engine cooling system and hydraulics keep them running smoothly under all conditions. Additional highlights include a hydraulically operated cabin lift, pressurized cabin with air conditioning, massive plow blades with 20’4″ windrow width, optional rear-view 360-degree camera, optional windrow watering system and more.