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The Northeast’s Premier Dealer For Material Processing Equipment Launches A New Website Focused On Customer Needs

The Northeast’s Premier Dealer For Material Processing Equipment Launches A New Website Focused On Customer Needs

Citing a need to make it easier for Northeast, New York, and New Jersey material processing customers to evaluate heavy equipment options and the latest industry trends, Simplicity Engineering, LLC has launched a new website to highlight its services and product portfolio. The new site is drastically different than the old website utilizing large photos, videos, and easy-to-download information sheets for various brands and product categories. The new design will be located on the same URL at
The new site instantly grabs visitors with a dynamic video highlighting the different types of material processing machines, industry categories, and services Simplicity Engineering provides. The backend of the site is SEO enhanced so current and prospective customers can easily find the website when they need to purchase new or used equipment, learn more about the company and its brand partners, rent a material processing solution, or reach out for 24/7 mobile service and parts. Owner Ryan Cullen said the site was specifically designed to answer feedback the organization has received over the past 18 months on how a new website could help them.

“Everything these days is digital and it’s how our customers and operators want their information. We have been working on this for the past six months and feel we have come up with a website that is always available to our Northeast audiences and is easily navigated and user-friendly,’ said Cullen. “This site will augment our printed brochure and other materials and users can download many of our previously printed traditional marketing tools. Additionally, the website is an educational tool for learning about the latest technology in material processing such as mulch, compost, food waste, and many other materials that landfills and private processing operations need to be more efficient.”
Besides product and service sections, the new website will feature a weekly blog to talk about issues in the industry as it pertains to the Northeast including new equipment, governmental regulations, and emerging technology. Any time of day, customers can access information such as equipment specifications, how to order parts, accessories, or a new rental unit. A key feature for the company is a “real-time” feed for access to information on pre-owned equipment including benefits, pricing, financing, and even estimates monthly payment information.

“While it is a valuable selling tool for us, this website is fantastic for owners, operators, and operational personnel to find out what is available in the market. Many times municipalities, private trash operators, landfills, or commercial mulch or compost operators need immediate service or equipment and this makes it easy for them to evaluate their options and take action any time of the day,” said Andrew Duncan, Simplicity’s Sales Manager. “Our premise is that simplicity is in our name and it is how we do business. This website is just one illustration of that fulfilling that promise. It’s easy to find valuable information quickly, easily, and then take action on what they need.”
Simplicity Engineering was founded in 1997 with Cullen acquiring ownership in 2020. The Westfield, Massachusetts firm offers name-brand equipment such as Komptech, R. D. Olson, Indeco Breakers, Corrosion Engineering, Dymax, and MGL Engineering. Besides also renting heavy equipment, Simplicity has beefed up its mobile service department with several new professionals and a new fleet of mobile service vehicles. SE offers service on all makes and models in its shop and on job sites.

More information on all the Simplicity Engineering products and services can be found on or by calling (413) 562-8653.
About Simplicity Engineering:
Simplicity Engineering, LLC is New England’s premier dealership for material processing equipment, service, rentals, and parts. Opening in 1997 Simplicity Engineering offers a variety of heavy equipment and parts including shredders, separators, turners, and screeners. As an authorized dealer for Komptech, R. D. Olson, MGL Engineering Inc., Indeco Breakers, Corrosion Engineering, and Dymax Incorporated, Simplicity Engineering markets and distributes in all New England states including New York and New Jersey. SE also has a full-service team of mobile service technicians and managers that work on all makes and models of mid-to-heavy material processing equipment. The headquarters is in Westfield, MA and the website is The phone number is (413) 562-8653.