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Simplicity Engineering Then and Now

Simplicity Engineering Then and Now

We began a new chapter in Simplicity Engineering’s history less than two years ago.  The company was formed in 1997 but had only been sustaining itself but was not growing and stagnant in every respect. After managing and growing several other businesses, I wanted to find something that was truly underperforming and had a lot of potential.  What started as strictly a business proposition has now become a passion for our customers, the industry, and our brand partners.

The Commitment

You may never have heard of Simplicity Engineering before now and even if you did, you wouldn’t recognize it today.  Our organization has grown from a couple of people to a team of committed professionals in every area of material processing – sales, service, pre-owned units, rentals, and parts acquisition.  Our team literally runs the gamut of skill sets, culture, and age groups. In short, we were a sales operation and now we are the Northeast’s premier dealership for material processing equipment sales, service, and rentals.

The Team

In the past, Simplicity was bare-boned and had three salesmen that covered New England, New York, and New Jersey.  It didn’t have a knowledgeable service or parts organization and only fulfilled those functions when it was required.  Today, there is a full staff of young professional salespeople that come from this industry or similar industries.  They are passionate and have a thirst for the business while looking at the needs of our customers. They have spent the better part of 18 months learning and listening and taking care of immediate and past needs.  It has paid off for us but especially our past customers who had been asking for more and never receiving it.  Now, they trust us and our promises. 

We have a legitimate service department comprised of a veteran service manager with more than two decades of experience and young certified service professional mechanics.  We have developed a fleet of top service vehicles with cranes that can perform almost all at the customer’s job site.  Did I mention we offer 24/7 emergency service?  Besides in the field mobile service, we have full-service welding, machine, and paint shop.  Our customers have demanded it so we have delivered.

We couldn’t consider ourselves one of the best unless we understand that pre-owned equipment and an aggressive parts organization must be prepared to support our unique customer base. Besides selling some of the industry’s best and most reliable brands, we have an ever-changing inventory of pre-owned machines and rental equipment.  We offer hourly, weekly, or monthly rental agreements to meet each specific customer’s needs and budget.

Our Brand Partners

One thing that has not changed is the quality of brand partners we represent.  Komptech and Komptech Americas are some of the industry’s leaders in material processing equipment – shredders, windrow turners, trommel and star screeners, and separators.  This year, we have teamed up with R.D. Olson.  From their history with CEC, RDO has continued to only manufacturer American-made screen, wash, and customized processing plants.  The 616 screener is a leader in the aggregate markets.  Also in our expanding portfolio of products is Indeco North America breakers. With a long history of technology firsts that are now accepted as industry standards; including the world’s largest hydraulic breaker, the HP25000, Indeco North America is the ‘Go-To” source for the toughest, most reliable equipment used in the construction, demolition, aggregate, mining and scrap industries. Indeco is the choice for land